James Copley?

Of death by yoyo. Is this guy anywhere or did he fall off the planet?

I think he tried to come back and sell off some of his stuff, under another name. That fell through, and he disappeared back to where he was…

I think I still have his email address, if you want it.

I’d appreciate that.

I bet 90% of the people on this forum don’t know who that is haha…The good ole days! I really miss YYN :confused: Gung fu’s and EKG’s were awesome! Too bad that whole company went through the drain.

I know there was another run of ekgs. Well… Maybe not.

He had a bunch of stuff made but couldn’t pay the machine shop. Acrylic and delrins.

I know he did a run of gungs after the ekgs, and those did sell. Last I talked to him he had ekgs at the anno guy, (along with some of my stuff) then he disappeared

The last email address I know of his was: highviewbass@yahoo.com

It’s funny because I saw his name pop up somewhere on my computer… I don’t know where it was though. Facebook, email… I can’t find it now. I’ll keep digging.

Hmm… This may be a long-shot but, I found his phone number… 417-825-1270

Gave a call and an email. Lets see if he mans up. Thanks for the info

I believe Slade Riggs has an EKG on his BST right now. Heads up!

He had the re-kg which was a heavier ekg. He ended up having family problems and not getting them out so he refunded everyone that asked. I still managed to get mine and maybe 1 or 2 other people have one