Eric Koloski on YoyoFactory Team


Eric Koloski is now on Team YoyoFactory! This is the cause for a celebration thread. Congratulations Eric! ;D

From Instagram @yoyofactory. Go there, for the video clip:


Congrats Eric! :smiley:


When did he leave YYJ and why? :o


Dang, YYF is becoming a power house in the yoyoing world lol Congrats! Hopefully this doesn’t mean it’s the end for the New Breed and Diamond Back though.


They might just re-release them without Eric’s name on them. They’re certainly good enough throws in their own right.



YYJ responded on FB that the DBack would still be made. Cheers to Eric!! Such a nice and humble guy!!!


Wow is it just me or is YYJ getting deprived of a good amount of solid team members like John Narum and Eric. I was also gonna say Takeshi but I seriously dont know whats going on with him in terms of the team.


Woop! I’m in the middle of a trade to get a Diamondback right now :). What luck!!

Anyway, congrats to him! Yoyofactory is my favorite (so far).


Wow! Eric has to be one of my favourite players! And now he’s on another wonderful company, I wonder if there’s going to be a YYF DiamondBack Style yoyo. That’d be awesome


He’s the last person I would expect to leave yyj. Would be cool if he got another signature yoyo.

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He’s getting a job with yoyofactory. I think most people would switch companies if they could get a job with a yoyo company.


^ True, like the job Dan Dietz got with Yomega. Or, Augie Fash with Duncan.

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Wow. Did not see that coming. Congrats Eric.


wow… I really don’t know what to say…


Here is the link if anyone is interested.


Congrats I bet he will do great.

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Why Eric!!! ;(


whenever I see someone use:

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Go for it Eric!


Kinda sad to see him leave YYJ. He was always like the face of the team it seemed to me.

Either way, congrats man. Hope you go for, enjoy yourslef, and do everything you want to do! :smiley: