Who's Next To Go

A lot of players have been leaving other companies for YYF. Some Examples are Yuuki, Sterling, Ando, Shinjii, and some other guy that I can’t remember the name of.

I’m gonna ask one thing:

“After worlds, who is gonna leave their team for YYF. Ando joined YYF after 07, Sterling left YYJ after 08, Yuuki, well I never kept track.”

Me, I have no idea.

The Loop 900 must be some piece if it makes Pat, Ando and Shinji ditch their Raiders.

YYF is picking up a lot of good players. But most of their newer players came from Yomega though. I hope more players start scattering out to micyobrew yoyo teams.

Smaller companies FTW!

Although… We DO plan to try to get as large as YYF… I mean… We haven’t been a company for a year yet and we’ve already got 4 yoyos, and will probably have 2-3 more THIS YEAR!

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