Alex Hattori and YYJ?


Is Alex still on the team? It looks like maybe he left and it doesn’t look like he was using YYJ yoyos in his finals routine.


Alex is not on Team YoYoJam anymore.


Their team has taken a few hits lately, huh?


That means Sora Ishikawa is one of only 3A and 5A powerhouses left on their team…


Everyone on YYJ seems to be jumping ship.


I agree I was going to make a post about it in fact

(Bína) #7

For worlds finals, Alex used multiple pairs of Duncan Barracuda.

(Former National 4A Champion) #8

3 people have left yoyojam recently - Eric, Takeshi, and Alex. Eric only left because he was offered a job at yoyofactory. Takeshi and Alex probably left because they wanted better yoyos.


So if I go to the yoyofactory headquarters I could possibly see Erik?

(Steve Brown) #10

Not likely, since he still lives in Massachusetts.