do they have any good 1A players??? like i know Hiroyuki (everyone knows him) but is there anyone else

FYI, every player in YYJ is a GREAT player. Hiroyuki is only 1 of them.


Andre boulay. done and doner

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well andre doesnt compete anymore

Answer: All of them.

If they weren’t amazing, they wouldn’t be sponsored by YYJ…



So they have to compete to be great 1A players? I call bologna

Johnnie Delvalle

so the several times kimmet quit he was considered a nublet that wasnt able to get a yoyo back up?

I think he knows they’re amazing, but he wanted to know more names.


Don’t turn into a yee.

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Joseph Junsay!

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cool! oh and nice avatar josh -__-  ;D ;D ;D

YoYoJam is one of the best companies around.  I love every aspect about them.  They have amazing yoyos, and their customer service is top notch.  But the best thing about them is their players, I’ve seen players from yoyojam sit with younger kids for hours teaching them tricks.  If you want to know all of the good 1A players, here is the place to go:

if you’re sponsored by a yoyo team, you’re good. End of story. check out yyj’s site, or yoyo wiki if you wanna know who’s on team yyj

Now i know about JD and everybody else but i wanna know people who still compete. Srry for not making this clear.

check their site like two others have said. Don’t make us do all the work.

remember, we VOLUNTEER our time b/c we want too. we dont have to actually post