Is Takeshi still on YoYoJam?

I noticed that on his most recent win in 1a at North Japan he wasn’t wearing any YYJ clothes, which is kinda out of the ordinary. I also noticed that on another well known japanese store for the Turning Point Isotope2 they have that freestyle on the product page which I assume means he was using the Isotope2, which isn’t a YYJ.

Not sure if anyone noticed that or if anyone knows?

that’s interesting. i don’t know.

I don’t think he is. I noticed he wasn’t using any YYJ yoyos, or where anything YYJ.

I’m pretty sure he left since he wasn’t repping YYJ at all at NJ.

Well if he isn’t they haven’t changed the player page for him.

Well it’s really recent…? They probably want to make an official announcement about it first.

I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be freestyling with an Isotope2 if he was still with YYJ.

I dunno. I thought yoyojam was one of the company’s where you didn’t have to use their product if you where sponsored.

He often doesn’t where stuff with anything YYJ at contests. And YYJ did post on Facebook about his freestyle, so… I’m not too sure. I think he’s still with them though.

I dont think so, on Yoyojam FB is post about Rei, Toshiaki and Jun, but nothing about Takeshi

Eric Koloski posted about it I think

May be he bought an Isotope 2 at the Japan yo-yo league 2014 and decided to use it in the contest?

Anyone know anything yet? haha.
Sorry to bump, but I am Curious!

I don’t think he is in yyj anymore.

anyone have official news?

There was a big announcement about John leaving I would have assumed for someone with a handful of world titles there would have been an announcement of sorts too so my guess is no but really who knows.

I really hope He didn’t. If he ever jumped ship to Duncan, the whole 5A scene would change. But a few less lawsuits

In what sense? He’d just be winning loads of world titles wearing a different tshirt… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, his main shift was from 5A to 1A(and I also heard his 3A is excelent)

There would be a lot more Duncan throws that are higher quality built for 5A. I don’t see him playing a freehand and there would be less yoyojam 5A throws now that they lost their main competitor, so Duncan would be even higher in the ranks of 5A king. I know there is the Barracuda, but I found its not the best for 5A. But that’s my opinion.

Well… he has won both 3A and 5A at Japan Nats 2010 and has placed in the Top 4 of 1A at Japan Nats twice so far, so he is pretty excellent at the 3 styles.