Does anyone know jigglyfly?

He was the guy that said he would do some ano a while back and it’s getting close to a month since he’s last been on here and since I last heard from him. So just trying to see if my throws are still being worked on or whats up.

That’s odd you haven’t heard from him, but he’s pretty reputable on these forums. I’m sure he’ll come through.

His name is Iggy phly on facebook,he has a big reputation there.

He did some ano work for me as well. It took him a rather lengthy time to complete (about a month) but
he did do an excellent job. I know while he was doing mine he had some issues with his daily permanent job that was causing some conflicts for him. He doesn’t frequent this forum a whole lot so if you are trying to catch up with him I would strongly suggest trying to contact him through facebook instead of just trying to pm him here. Bottom line…he is a good guy and I highly doubt he is intentionally trying to put you off. Just try contacting him through facebook and I’m sure you’ll get quicker responses and I feel certain you’ll be happy with the free ano job he does for you too. (You will see some good samples of his work on his facebook page.)

He also has a Youtube channel under “jiggy fly”. It might be another way to contact him.

Yeah, I’m not too worried about the throws cause he did show me one that he did already which was pretty awesome. I’m just concerned if he’s alright cause he pretty much disappeared on facebook and here. Either way, just want to know if anyone has seen him recently anywhere.

Maybe cause he’s working really really hard on your yoyos. :wink:

Whelp, haven’t heard from him since May 12th.

Anyone physically know this guy?

I have never physically known Jiggy Fly.

Guy’s legit, though. Too bad it’s taking so long for your throws! I’m sure he has reasons. Even if those reasons are “Agh, I flaked out on this, so sorry!” The reasons won’t be “muahahahaha!”, that’s all I’m getting at.

Yeah no worries on if this guys legit, just wondering if he’s ok or whats going on.

Did you try contacting him through Facebook as suggested? He frequents there a lot.

Yeh, haven’t gotten a response. At this point I’m kind of meh with the throws, mainly just is the dude alive? A little worried but I’m sure he’s fine. Hopefully…