Has anybody else been hit up by Dragonderp729?

So I don’t even have a B/S/T listed at the moment, but was messaged by Dragonderp729 asking about a throw that I had previously acquired outside of these forums. He’s messaging me like crazy and has said some things that seem kind of odd. I was curious if he has contacted anyone else with trades or offers? His account is very new and has 0 feedback so just thought I’d ask.

Yeah, he’s a little out there. But he’s polite and has never been rude in his inquiries, so that’s to be commended.

Yeah he’s definitely polite. Just thought it was odd that he contacted me about a throw I got somewhere else and was curious if anyone had done any trades or buys from him outside of these forums.

I am in a current dealing with him that has lasted quite a while and I have easily been sent two times as many PM’s from him then all my others put together! I have 54 pages of messages… haha But he is a super nice guy and super polite so No problem for me!

he seems to be a cool guy,we had a deal going at one point and time that just ended up falling through,i even gave him a first time trader guide line and he seemed more than happy to do so,he is very polite and we did smash eachother with msg’s as well,but i just took it as good communication. but he has still not had a single trade yet so… :shrugs: we will see.

Oh my I’m sorry to have made you feel awkward Snow! I just wanted to hammer out the details of the trade as I really wanted that throw as a Christmas present for someone in my family, so I got kinda pushy and messaged a lot. I will cut down on it. I try to make communication as frequent and clear as possible.

As to how I found about your throw, I really wanted to get the specific colorway and throw for a family member and searched it on the BST. There were only two people who had them and they both traded/sold them away. I asked them politely to whom they gave it to and that lead me to you. Sorry for not telling you beforehand! I will definitely cut back on the messaging, I just really want to do this trade before Christmas!

BTW I will have feedback very soon I just shipped first and I hope it all works out!

YAY! yu got your first feedback! welcome to the show XD,im glad it worked out sir!

Yup. He messaged me everyday for a few weeks until I literally had to tell him to message me only if I had a bst and only to offer on the yoyos inside it.

Thank you! I hope to continue to trade and build my reputation!