I think it’s fake, but still an awesome concept. a pocket throw/ipod charger! Profile isn’t my preference, but hey.

It might be heavy. Reminds me of a Buddha king.

that would be the coolest ivention. besides the one me and my friends made today. ahhhhhhahahahahahaha

If it’s Apple count me OUT.

I concur. But it appears to be usable with any usb device. Just paint the caps.

if it ends up bein real ill prolly get one ive seen pics of it for a while tho

why does everyone hate apple?

go apple!

honestly it doesn’t look that conviniant. I’m assuming the usb port acts like a hubstack so the cable doesn’t wind up, but you’d still have the usb wire flinging all over the place…

Lol, dude, think the USB unplugs from the yoyo and that cap goes over the port, so the cable wouldn’t be flinging all over the place.

M2, what would happen is… You wouldn’t yoyo while it was charging. You’d yoyo, and the kinetic energy would be put in a Nimh battery. You would plug it in when done.

It’d be awesome.

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k, i thought it was a one step process instead of the two step described above…

I dont like apple because they always bag on microsoft, and microsoft isnt a bad company. But I really cant say anything because I have an Ipod lol! I think it if funny that so much people I know hate microsoft yet they love their Xbox. XD

Anyway this looks really cool. I could yoyo then charge my Ipod anywhere I am. I WOULD NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY. cause I always yoyo!

yes but i can’t imagine i’d yoyo with that particular yoyo much.

It would be a vacation or camping throw.


Yeah, thought it up all by myself. Nobody helped me at all. No one. Nada. I like the compliment, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t like apple for several reasons. I’ll just rant for a while because I’m a forum troll, doncha know…

  1. Games for windows. Yes, you can hack apples to run them… but… Yeah.

  2. They have a better setup with their zune. It hooks up to your PC or your xbox.

  3. Microsoft, in all fairness, was there first.

  4. Everybody thinks they’re the coolest kid in town because they have the latest freaking Ipod.

  5. They’re incompatable… With soooooo many things.

  6. More people program for windows

  7. Windows 7 is awesome.

  8. I seem to get done more on a PC…

  9. The no virus thing on macs… just… isn’t real. Just get Kapersky.

that didn’t really say why you hate apple, it just says why you like microsoft better, which frankly, i do too.

You do realize that Microsoft bags on Apple as well right? You also realize that microsoft is trying to catch up with Apple. They came real close with Win 7 though.

Now about the topic. I saw this 2 years ago. Still think is a dumb idea. It’s totally fake too. I mean why on earth would they choose a yoyo to build an ipod in?

The actual yoyo isn’t the actual ipod. It’s pretty much a usb charger. And of course, apple wouldn’t make this.

I don’t really hate apple, I just hate how everyone is flocking to apple so willingly and now, some people are looking at Microsoft as number 2 (lol, a pun.) because they think ipods are the best invention since the wheel.

But hey, maybe alienware runs microsoft and not OSX

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I hate Apple because they are overrated and ridiculously priced.

Everyone and there Mom likes them for no reason.

I’ll enjoy my $1000 custom built PC that can play any game I want over a $3000 Mac that has the same stats as it that can play no games.