iPhone App - YoYo! - YoYoSkills.com Video Review

A yo-yo and an iPhone.  What happens when the two obsessions collide?  Well one thing that happens is a So-So video review  :lol:
Enjoy (or, at least try to)

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Lol that makes me laugh so hard. What a pathetic excuse of yoyoing “skill” or “talent” and what a waste of time by the maker of this game.

This actually made me want to go blow things up with fireworks. I didn’t but it really made me want to. (Things=iPhones lol)

That app isnt worth the time to download

Great review Dr.YoYo, horrible app. The review was hilarious. There is one yo-yo they used that looks like an X-ConVict (1:55). “Tired of getting your yo-yo taken away in school?”
Now you can get your iPhone taken away too, lol. Good review, terrible product. Not worth my money or my time.

4 sec. sleeper. Not bad.

It’s better than not doing anything at all.

How does it grind?

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that one does look like an x convict


I thought I was gonna die laughing, your on fire, What a combo!!! :smiley:

Funny thing, the company made a “Duncan” themed one and sent it to me. It is exactly the same, but uses Duncan logo’s on the side. It is weird looking at Dragonfly or a wood Speed Beetle. Still plays like fail

yeah i mean this app does have alot of potencial but i mean they just didnt execute right

that was an awesome review.
had me laughing the whole time.
i am suprised they even tried to make a yoyo app…and less suprised at how badly they failed.


I noticed the X-Con too, but yeah, I’m not the first to say it but: Nice review, terrible app!

Seems like this app belongs in the 1920’s…

so true