I wanted a new responsive yoyo, so I ordered a couple different ones to try them out. I received the first one today, the iYoYo PASSiON. The thing handles great, about the right weight, spin time is ok. One thing; When I throw it makes a sound. Not the usual whirring or hiss you might expect to hear. It sounds like a tiny female horror movie scream! :laughing:

I guess that’s just the new PASSiON coming out of it.


Search for hyperspin to find the ultimate lubrication technique

(wait, that’s for unresponsive. For responsive just jam the bearing full of grease or heavy lube.)


I have 2 of those. I never used the responsive bearing. The unresponsive bearing made some noise at first but has been dead-silent ever since. Maybe the bearing just needs to break in.


The response that it has is perfect for me. Should I really add lube? Maybe I should use it a bit longer to see if it fades away.

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More lube means quicker response…keep using it and see if it goes away…,


It’s really funny, I wish I could record it. It’s like it stumbled on a tiny murder scene.

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If you add a medium thickness lube (like tri-flow or household 3-in-1) it should not affect responsiveness too much. Adding heavy thickness lube (more akin to grease) will make the effect more dramatic.

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