Iyoyo Passion

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask the community about the Iyoyo Passion. There are no YouTube videos showing it in someone’s hand, and no written reviews I could find. There is one short product review in the shop here, but other than that… nothing.

I know it’s a beginner yoyo and I’m far past intermediate play, but back in 2012 I believe, I had a One Drop Dingo. I loved that yoyo, it was just so
So unstable. I wished so bad there was a flair or organic cut widening the overall shape around the bearing. It went everywhere in my pocket and made my play style much much more accurate.

Now, fast forward to 2020, I’m getting back into my old collection. Unfortunately, my Dingo is gone. I now have a C3yoyodesign Token, but the shape is still just at unstable, and it’s not nearly as comfy as the Dingo was.

After doing some research, I found the iYOYO Passion, and it looks like the Dingo I’ve always wanted. Same general shape, with a high wall and major flair around the bearing for width. LOOKS like a dream come true… but I’m the kinda collector who does days and days of research on a throw before pulling the trigger. BUT THERES NO INFO ON THIS YOYO!!!

If anyone has ever thrown this yoyo, can you give your 2 cents on what you think of it? What pocket throws with similar shape would you recommend? Thanks everyone, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to respond🤘🏻

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Pls :slight_smile:

I just looked and all the reviews a great, not an owner but it seems worth the buck

All the Iyoyo stuff is great. It’s gonna blow away the dingo in terms of performance.