IYo-Yo Shooting Star- Review

First off here are the specs of this yoyo:
|Diameter:|57.00 mm / 2.24 inches|
|Width:|44.80 mm / 1.76 inches|
|Gap Width:|3.13 mm / 0.12 inches|
|Weight:|63.8 grams|

This yo-yo has a really nice design. It has a nice H shape with big beefy rims to allow it to have lots of rim weight and stability. It also has a nice amount of float to the yoyo. It’s gap allows for really snapy and tight binds without having the yo-yo snag in play. The cup of this yoyo is concaved to allow your finger to glide into it’s metal finger spin hub. The metal hub on this yoyo is incredible and has a nice blast to it.

Play of the yoyo-
The play of this yoyo is light, speedy, and powerful. It’s really incredible that they were able to make a plastic yoyo that spins for an incredible amount of time and still be light. They were able to keep this yoyo under 65 grams which allows it to feel light and agile in play. While the yoyo feels light it certainly does not lack power. While this yoyo doesn’t feel as powerful as say somthing like the replay pro, it still has a noticeable amount. It also spins longer and is more stable than the replay pro. Overall this is a light and speedy yoyo in play, but still has a fair amount of power.

Binds on this yoyo feel really nice. Out of ten I would give this yoyo a 9/10 basically perfect. Binds feel super sappy and are a pleasure to do. Even with these tight binds the yoyo is not snaggy in any way.

This yoyo has a very comfortable shape and feel when returned to your hand. The edges are nice and rounded off which allows for comfortable catches. Overall i’ll give this yoyo a 8.5/10 on comfortably.

Without a doubt this is the best grinding plastic yoyo you can buy. For finger grinds the yoyo last for a really long time due to its super nice and smooth finish. It even has a big thumb grind lip that works great. Finger spins on this yoyo simply can’t get any better, the cup allows for your find to move easily into the blasted metal finger spin hub. This is the type of yoyo that you can pull a 3 minute finger spin on.

On this yoyo horizontal plays very nice, especially for a plastic yoyo. The yoyo holds the horizontal plane great and has plenty of spin time and stability to get through any of my horizontal tricks. I’m sure that someone like Gentry could shred some horizontal combos.

My thoughts on the IYoYo Shooting Star-
Personally I’ve never played with a better plastic yoyo. Not only is this yoyo really impressive in its performance it’s also really fun to play. I would 100% recommend this yoyo to anyone. It’s super fun to play with and has some incredible performance.