Yoyofactory Northstar Review


Weight- 69.00 grams
Width- 43.00 mm
Diameter- 56.00 mm
Gap Width- 4.55 mm
Bearing Size- Large
Gap- Fixed
Response- YYF Silicone pads
Price- $35

First Impression:
This yoyo looks like it wont sleep that long. But I think I should buy it and try it myself.

Performance: 9/10
Was I proved wrong ? Yes.
I must say, i was blown away when I threw this thing. The spin times were just amazing, i mean not just amazing. When I first threw it, it was like it would spin forever. Did it ? hmm… Just for about 2 minutes 6 seconds out of the box. This yoyo can handle any trick you throw at it, it is really good for finger grinds, arm grinds, and very little good for thumb grinds.

Looks: 10/10
Seriously, the looks of this yoyo are insane. I have the orange one and it is the perfect shade of orange along with the black rings, man its just amazing.


  • Smooth on string
  • Long Spins

-It tilts sometimes during fast play

  • Its not good for thumb grinds

If you want a cheap plastic yoyo that plays just as good as a YYF Yuuksta, or a One Drop Y-Factor, this is for you. You wont be disappointed with how good this yoyo is.


A good, short-and-sweet review, but too short to say. I thought there wasnt enough information, and two of ur pros were opinions. Dont think im being mean, its just constructive criticism for your future reviews.

(laxdude99) #3

Try to have more detail. But congrats on getting a nortstar it is such a great throw