YYF Northstar Review

First Impression
Now the orange color of this yoyo really catches my eye at the first glance. I am usually not a fan of orange, but i kind of like this hue, it really makes other people take a second look when you play with it. The shape was also questionable to me at first glance. Just because it has an unconventional shape, I was assuming i wouldn’t like it. But boy was i wrong!

The yoyo was completely unresponsive out of the box, same as all yyf yo-yos. and on the first throw, this thing spun much faster than i thought it would. The black rings around the side give it a different feel than a regular plastic yoyo. I thought they were heavy black plastic at first, but these are cold to the touch and are actually some kind of aluminum. The black rings keep the yoyo spinning for minutes and minutes. I got about 5 minutes of sleep time on a good throw. Occasionally, you do get a pretty vibe throw, but ninety percent of the time, the throws are good and smooth. The deep gap and odd shape of this yoyo make for good and easy catches from the yoyo on the strap. This toy is also a pretty good horizontal player. Im no Jensen Kimmit when it comes to horizontal play, but its defiantly a new trick I’m working on, and i feel this yoyo will make me a fairly decent horizontal player.

I like this yoyo. Its not the best i have, but its up there with some of my favorites. Its pretty reasonably priced at 35 bucks. But i got mine for 15 from my buddy. I was going to buy the blue, but for 15 bucks and this sick orange color, i couldn’t resist. Id recommend this yoyo to a friend, only if that friend like full sized yo-yos and is a good horizontal player. I think that if you’re not throwing horizontal with this yoyo, its potential will be wasted.

So tell me how i did on this review. Because i usually don’t do these. ;D

pretty good review, the northstar is my #1 yoyo, above all my other expensive ones, this one is my fav, if jensen kimmitt can win worlds with this thing, then i know its worth the buy

I like the Northstar a lot. For something under $40 I really cant think of a better throw. That being said my od 54 has pretty much retired my northstar. You really do get what you pay for.

One thing I really like about the northstar is it seems to be of a fairly dense plastic as I have seriously pounded it into a lot of furniture. In fact its really the throw I learned on when I was at my most newb.

Its a tad noisy though. I can put my lubed up bearing into my 54 and it plays dead silent but I put the same bearing into the northstar and you can hear a bit of a rattle. Most people dont care about the noise at all though so thats certainly not a deal breaker.

I also really like my friends dv888 a good bit more than the Northstar.