Iwasawa Hook


Can someone make a tutorial for Iwasawa Hook.


This evil trick that bugged me for a week.

Its quite simple actually. Make sure you have a solid hidemassa hook motion. Once you have that, you basically just whip with all your strength, and only let your finger hit the back string. Then, keep both hands completely still and let the loop continue and perform another normal hook.

So, its just a single string hitting your finger, then you wait for the hook to swing around and hook the yoyo.

This is all you need to know, and you can perform the trick. This is all I had to learn it.

Remember, hooking hard is not the main concern, but make sure that you make a full 3/4 circle, and follow through.

Start slightly above (to the right) your freehand, then make a full circle with your throwhand, where the 3/4 mark is nearly touching your freehand. Even after that, follow through and complete the circle. It may not seem to help because the string is blocked, but it does. New/Nylon strings really help.

It sounds like a nearly impossible task. Even when you start to try to do it, it will seem impossible. Many people just give up. If you really wanna do it, and you practice and don’t give up, persist, you will get it. This is all the advice you need. As long as you got hidemassa hook, you don’t need a tutorial.

I had to learn it with only these words: Hit only the back string, then let it go around and hook again.
Okay maybe I had some other words, but this is sufficient. But if you really need a tutorial, i can’t give one sorry, my video cam can’t upload to my comp, and my phone cam doesn’t record slack well. A good tutorial will need a really high framerate.


Thanks I will try that.

(Mitch Ginder) #4

I’m doing a video tut right now


Not a tutorial, but there are some good slo-mo shots here to get you started: