HELP WITH iwasawa's tower laceration

i just want to learn the iwasawa’s tower,but i dont know how to do
i watch this video many and many time but i still dont know how to do
i have learn hook1.5 ,does anyone tell me how to do it  or make a tutor?  :’( thanks so much

Watch the video to get the idea of how the trick works. It’s confusing to get, but, unfortunately, also the only way.

Then try to form the tower/place the strings while spotting a dead yo-yo. If you get the tower, you’ve done it right and figured out the trick! :smiley:

Then whip the string hard, and hope to land it! XD It may take MANY tries because this trick is, let’s face it, just plain hard to learn.

Here is a step by step list of what happens in mid-air:

  1. String hits NTH finger (like in a brent stole)
  2. String continues and hits your front four fingers and loops down (Tell you why in the tips section)
  3. String continues it’s path and loops down and back creating a hoop (like in basketball) that you land the yo-yo through
  4. Yo-yo comes down through that loop and lands on back string (when we ignore the basket)
  5. Slide string off four fingers (done while yo-yo is still falling for the smooth single motion)
  6. Ta-da! :smiley:

It’s strange to explain, and this might makes things a little worse at first, but follow the video with these steps and it might help.

Now for some tips:

  1. Don’t give up! This trick is hard to learn.
  2. Whip hard…like…really hard.
  3. This trick is most like an extension of a 1.5 hook. Imagine a 1.5 hook, but think of what will happen if you let the string fly around and keep going as opposed to stopping and hooking the yo-yo.
  4. The reason I tell you (and you see Ryo do likewise) to use the back of your four fingers to hit the string as opposed to your wrist is that it will be easier and faster to slide the string off your hand to form the tower (last step).
  5. Keep your hands close together so the string “basket” is larger and easier to fall through.

Okay, good luck in learning the trick and hope this helps you along the way!