Iwasawa Tower Laceration?


Has anyone figured it out and could give VERY DETAILED step by step instructions? I found one tutorial on youtube but it was done with a whip, and Ryosuke said the actual one isnt a whip but more so 1.5 laceration based. I’ve almost got down the 1.5 laceration but can’t even begin to figure out how he forms the tower.

(UmeNagisa) #2

I know how.
But honestly, it is so hard to explain

I could try and do some super slo mo for you?


There are some really good slow-motion shots of it from various angles in this video (starting at around 3:50):

You can see everything that happens in the trick in that video.  It might help to set the yoyo down or have someone hold it in the air while you move the string around by hand to try to figure out how it forms.  I think it’s a pretty big step from being able to do 1.5 lacerations/hooks to being able to do Iwasawa’s tower laceration, though, so don’t get too frustrated if it isn’t clicking for you.