Iwasawa tower laceration help.... I have an idea that might really help people!

Hey all,

Like many of you, I am also struggling with this laceration. I have watched the slow mo vid everyone references around 3000 times, and still have yet to land it once. I think the problem for me (and maybe others) is that the trick is one smooth motion, with no breaks that would allow stopping and starting when learning it, you either get it or you don’t (in my case, always the later :frowning: I wonder if anyone could make a vid with two people and a dead yoyo, one person guiding the string, making the laceration, and holding the yoyo in air, and the other person showing where to put their fingers and hand to get the mounts right.

This may help newbs like me, or maybe not. But, a vid like this would at least show the trick more broken down than in a smooth motion, which may help in learning it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? It may be a stupid idea, but I figured it couldn’t hurt with people like me having trouble with this trick. Now I guess the thing would be finding two people willing to take an hour or two and make this video. Two, very… Nice…people…

i think it is a good idea but please dont double post

Think of it as a bump? Check the timestamps?



To be honest, this idea still won’t help. There’s one key part of the trick that involves the string coming around over and under to form the tower shape. Something that just really comes with practice.