I've really need some advice


 Ok, I've been yo-yoing for almost 2 years now and I have a problem. I think I have a creativity 

impairment and I never could make up anything technical like you guys do. I’ve been on this forum for a

while now and have noticed the amazing progress all of you have made and makes me look back that I

haven’t done much technicality as you guys. My tricks are fairly simple but I feel like there is something

missing. What’s wrong with me?

~Spin on!

Im going through the same thing… Im only at about a year and a half though… Some of us dont have the inate ability that others have… When I first discovered that I kinda sucked at yoyoing I was sorta depressed… But I enjoy yoyoing… And I do it to have fun, not to be good… So its all good yanno?

Well Chris , This isn’t a bad thing. Everybody goes through this at some point in time. Have you ever heard of writers block? or have you ever had to write an exam in school and stared at the paper for a half hour until an idea comes to you that you run with? I have the same problem that you do but you just have to play around with mounts you know and when you one day find something cool, you will feel amazing Trust me! i went through this for about 2 months then i realized myself doing the same tricks over and over and over again. Until one day i went into Houdini mount and i put the yo-yo somewhere its never been before into another place its never been before and BAMMMMMM! i found a new trick. Good luck don’t give up. Just yo-yo and enjoy it

I guess every yoyoer has they own unique style.
If you are a less technical player, it doesn’t mean that you are worse then others.
I myself can’t go as fast as others do.

Keep throwing.
Do your best, be your best.

Those are great advice. The thing that I noticed most with me that everything ends up in a Green Triangle. I end up making up something that I never knew when I’m not concentrating and it ends up in a GT. After that I can’t perform it again. It usually happens during a conversation.

Any advice on how to recreate things I did but can’t remember?

Well the majority of my tricks end in GT also. thats not realy a big problem either. just dont do GT tricks close together throw in another trick to seperate them. there are also trick tut on youtube that will help you create your own trick. youl get it!

When you make things up take it one step at a time and and try to remember it or maybe write it down because when you do something really cool and you forget it your gonna want to punch yourself in the face. Also maybe your mind is centered on GT so that you always end up in one?

I reccommend setting up a digital camera or something like that then go in front of the camera and try to make up yoyo tricks. That way you can put the recorded video on your computer and watch it again, even in slow motion if you can, to see exactly what you did and how you did it.

As others have said it’s probably just writers block or what many refer to as the wall. At some point and it’s different for everyone you hit it. At some point after that you get past it, and when you do you will suddenly do better.

Me? after 20 years off I need to learn to bind. So I’m the guy some of you make fun of. Throw and bind, throw and bind…

lol :slight_smile:

most of the tricks i creat involve a double or nothing and landing things upside down and landing in weird elaborate looking (but secretly random) string formations. i just have fun and dont care. if i get in on film… cool.

but… i know what you mean about watch people do ladders and stuff… its like… wow i suck

hahahahah i get that feeling sometimes

I’ve been throwing for about 1 year & 4 months and I just make ups tricks just by random techniques and ect.

This is my advise. go to sam lopezs vimeo channel
http://vimeo.com/11694471 glasslab elements experiments They show elements of tricks that you can improve on and make new tricks 8)

okay well i make up tricks at an alarming rate for some reason.you just have to do your best trick and the do it wrong,say pop it to a different string and see what you can do from there or just experiment.

good better best
never let it rest
till your good if your better
and your better is your best

if you mess around with your mounts you could find some really cool tricks.
for example i was messing around with double or nothing when i discoverd a
perfect twin tower.

Also not everyone is making amazing progress lol, Its like everyone has said we all get in a slump. When I get in a slump I put my yoyo’s up and say I am here to have fun and getting frustrated defys the point of this. Also when I take a break I watch as many videos as I can that I havnt seen or sometimes ones I have to try and get inspiration again for new tricks. Dont worry man everyone goes at there own pace so dont feel bad if yours is somewhat slower :wink: