ive heard this term.


i am still new the skill scene, ive heard the term “yoyo snob” through YYN forums to these wonderful forums. i was just wondering is this an actual type of person?(generally used for those who are up tight of trade value and those who are consistently thinking they are on top because they have done it “SO LONG”)
j.w cuz ive known those to use the term consistently. I guess it may be used for those who have taken the fun out of throwing? i dunno…


I have never heard it but to me comes to mind people that are rude when you msg them on BST, SUPER picky super anal “only mint if it has one tiny mark or ano flaw im going to complain” they like to debate evetyone on everythingand have really strong opinions

Prpb a couple people on here that this describes but wont sqy names haha




That IS the definition of MINT, and if people describe something as mint then it should be bloody mint! Don’t try to rip people off on the BST by claiming something’s mint when it’s not, or people have a right to complain. This isn’t directed at you Carsonel88, trades with you have been exactly as described :slight_smile:


Maybe the people that are super crazy about keeping throws mint. I have heard people ding yoyos and say, “Aw man! Now I have to sell this.” I would think people like that are “yoyo snobs”.

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i use the term for people who care way too much about things that don’t matter in a yoyo. Especially people who call a yoyo floaty, and then can’t tell me what floaty means.