I've been a miner for a heart of gold

Are those things worth the price?

I got one, and its a terrible bearing. I might just have dud though.
I’d much rather buy a terrapin bearing, or YYR NSKDS

I think they’re great; not worth the price to me, but that is completely subjective. Every brand new CTX I’ve gotten has been gritty or noisy at first (2 CTX, 1 gold CTX). The 2 CTX broke in, but my gold CTX I had to blow clean with a can of air to get it “right for me.” I also received a used CTX in a Valor and it has always been silent and perfect.

Probably everyone is going to have a different experience with every kind of bearing. ^ is my experience with CTX.

Love them.

From what I’ve experienced so far and seen from others experiences with bearings, most all bearings can have a potential bad one. My Gold CTX works great with the Ti Dream but the YYR NSKDS I got with a Draupnir was the screechiest thing I’ve heard in a while. :frowning: If they are working right, almost all bearings are great!

I have had a fair few duds in my life. :smiley: