The perfect bearing for me ?

Hey ! I am thinking about changing all of my bearing for i don’t know what still because my ct seem weird , one second they play dry the next throw they are responsive and i hate that so what i would like about a bearing in order of importance :

-Reliability: can i trust that bearing or he will try to kill my fingers ?
-Price/bulk: is it possible to buy it in bulk/cheap price ?
-Dry playing: can it be played dry without breaking because that would be cool ?
-Concaved: does it have a centering groove ?
-Noisy: as weird ad it can sound , i like my bearing when they are noisy because i can know how much spin there is left

Thank you for your answer !

lube it

I do , but it always play good for 5 min and after it plays over lubed

In my experience dif kks are the most reliable. Havent tried buddha and crucial myself

CT, CTX and DS are ones that are supposed to be better than KK if they do work, but have a riderpiculously high defect rate.

Just buy a cheap concave bearing, they’re all so similar. Personally i hate the centering grooves, but other than that get whatever you have access to that’s the least expensive.

I did try cleaning mine to give it a fresh start, i used mineral spirits, took off the side caps, for if its a ct it might not have any, then soaked it for like 10 min, dried it off, used it dry, works wonderfully, but ive always had great success with DIE E yo concave bearings

Terrapin X

Did the same thing fluffalo, didn’t work on my ct s