Bearing Recommendations


Hi guys,
I wanted to replace the bearings of my three yoyos that are in need of new bearings( CLYW Chief, CLYW Sasquatch, and G2 Nessie). I was wondering if any of you guys had any recommendations of bearings, or would like to share your favorite bearing that could possibly help me. I would like to keep the price range under $8. I found many on YoYoExpert, but wasn’t sure which one to get. Your help would be appreciated.
Thank You,
Yoyomeli13 :slight_smile:


well do you like flat bearings, or shaped bearings?


I’ve yet to see a significant difference between any of my flat bearings. The only use for my kk’s was when I had a non pad recessed yoyo but that’s been eliminated so I see no reason for those


I like shaped bearings a bit more, but I love both of them. I know shaped bearings might be a little more expensive, so I can live with either :slight_smile:


Odds are you need to go with the Buddha bearings.

The Simple is flat.
The Dimple is a CenterTrac-type
The Ripple is a Trifecta-type(grooved)
The Whipple is a V-shaped, rather than a U/KK shape.
The Buddha Bearings are not sold here though, so that may be a drawback. I’m not telling people where to buy or not buy. I’m merely presenting options.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind barely shaped bearings, you can get Terrapin X bearings for in that price range. Wing cuts do gentle string centering, the flats do not.

Nothing wrong with the YYJ Speed bearings except they are flat, and that’s only a problem if you dislike flat bearings. OD 10-Balls are good too, but I think that might be above your price just a touch.

Of course, if you gotta have the real thing, and yes it’s more money, real CenterTracs are really good. KK’s are nice as well if you like them or they work good for you in a yoyo.

As for me, I don’t subscribe to the “one bearing” or “stock bearing” mindset, especially not “gotta be a flat” bearing. Whatever I feel works best for me, that’s what I use.


Thanks that really helped! :smiley:


You’re welcome. I like to help when I can.