Ever Done This One?


I have a 2012 Genesis that is perfectly mint and played so smoothly. I decided just to try out a KK bearing, so I changed them out. At that moment, the Genesis became my favorite throw. Any of you ever tried new bearings that change the yoyo to be so good?


I just wish that all my yoyos can have a working CTX bearing.

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I have absolutely had that experience. Sometimes I don’t like a yoyo as much as I could because it doesn’t spin long enought to do some fo my combos. The KK really extends the combo lengths I can do.


KKs are so much better than flats in most yoyos tbh. String bunching is a lie :stuck_out_tongue:

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My prestige prototype. Put a generic chinese KK in it and MAN! My favorite unresponsive throw.


I hate flat bearings, so KKs make almost every thing better imo.


2014 sasquatch + kk = money


I haven’t tried a KK yet, but I have three CTs and a Crucial Grooved. Both types make a significant difference in play opposed to flat bearings. The CT’s are a bit more subtle, but the effect is still there. I really enjoy the Crucial Grooved and how it keeps the string pretty much exactly centered. With flat bearings it seems like the string gets pushed tight against a wall about every third throw or so, and that’s really annoying because it just drains spin time.

I do enjoy the sound and smoothness of OD’s 10 ball, but the performance just isn’t as good unless I get lucky and the string starts out centered. I’d rather have consistent performance over sound and smoothness.

I just ordered some billy bobs, does anybody have any experience with them? They seem promising for the price, so I figured why not give them a go? I’m interested in how they stack up to my other bearings, seeing as they’ll be my only 10 balls besides my OD’s, the V cut is different, and the ceramic balls. I’m hoping they’re at least on the level of my CT’s.


Someone’s happy :stuck_out_tongue:




KKs are the bombb


The only reason flat bearings are even relevant these days are the messiah of bearings, the almighty ten-ball