Regarding the Diamondback...

It’s mostly a great yoyo and all. Have this uniqe, lovely feeling that just click with me.
Though, as a 136$ throw i feel that this thing severly lacks stability. Is it just me? I’ve seen someone say that it’s “easy to tilt and easy to tilt back again”, but that’s just another way of saying that it’s unstable, really.


I don’t own one, but I played one at worlds and it was very stable.

Soo, I always notice this with some yoyos.
Depending on string and bearing, they can be significantly more stable or less.
I find with very thick string, and a flat bearing, yoyos are darn super unstable for me.
But With normal to thin string, and a KK, Trifecta or CT, they are much more stable.
Perhaps the diamondback is one of these yoyos?

what string/bearing do you have in it?

I own one and the thing is super stable to me.

Played one and found it quite unstable compared to most modern high-end throws.

I’ve actually been surprised to see people online talking it up. I guess different strokes for different folks.

Thanks for your views! I’ve tried centering bearings, normal and fat kitty. While stringcentering bearings will almost 100% of the time make a throw more stable, it will always to a degree make a throw less floaty. You get that extra bit of “thump” at the end of the string. IMO.
Anyways, no big differences with thin string and centering bearings.