best of bearings

best bearings regardless of price, and pros and cons

regardless of price?
buy 10 ctx bearings and pick the one that works.

ONE bearing

NSK Platinum is the best I’ve tried. I’m sure the gold is great, too. Can’t get them here alas.

Best available here? Probably the gold Center Trac, though I haven’t tried. Made by NSK, so that’s gotta mean something. :slight_smile:

Pretty hard to go wrong with a tried and true Dif-e-Yo Konkave, though.

I have like a $30 ceramic X-Wing DryPlay DryWing SortFit bearing (or whatever the heck those crazy things are called) in my Ti Walker (it just screams luxury (as well as threats of sexual harassment lawsuits)). Definitely a good bearing.

My Draupnir came with a YYR Double V bearing. Gotta say I really like it. If I had the money I’d probably be running those in most my throws (but I’m horribly cheap so most of my yoyos have $2 Chinese concaves).

You’re not going to run into a whole lot of ‘cons’ with the higher end bearings. Besides the cost, they’re all pretty good; choosing which one to use is more a matter of preference and playstyle.

Did you mean terrapin x?

That’s the jingle!