which centering bearing is the best?


I’ve tried a few but I’m not sure to which is better. any opinions?


The performance of the CTX cannot be matched. It is easily the best performing centering bearing. However, I love the feel and play of the KonKave. so either are great for me.


Lol NSK Platinum or Gold bearing knocks the CTX out of the ballpark for sure


thei’r too quiet and too tight.


I’ve heard from all whom have tried them, except this guy right here ^^^ that NSKs are the best bearings on the market.


Technically they do spin the longest (longer than a CT for ~1-2min in a stationary spin to death test), but i dont have any long enough combo yet to accually feel the difference. In a horizontal gerbil cruise time test the NSK only gets on average 1-2 string hit (in a total of typically 20-30) more than a CTX, which is smaller than the variation within the same brand itself. Lol thx I d rather use loose bearings and be able to unscrew them at will without fearing to damage the bearing seats.


Im rather new to unresponsive play so some of this terminology is going right over my head haha right now im using a bad Buddha stainless steel whipple, is it better than a center track or is it more of a preference call?


I was also wondering which performs better ceramic or gold?


Honestly, the whipple is the worst string centering bearing I’ve ever played with 8 ball Center tracks being 2nd.


I’m gonna say gold…
But I’m pretty sure neither require lubing


which brand makes the best bearings?


NSK if you can afford em. If not then Dif-e-yo KonKaves. If you can’t afford those then Crucial Grooved.


I was looking at NSK bearings. which option plays better gold or platinum?




But in reality your doing fine with stock bearings. Properly maintenanced cheaper bearings will be more then adequate.