Gold Center trac bearings

Ok so ive bought two of these so far and both Screech like a freaking eagle diving from the heavens. not your normal loud bearing noise … both actually have a screeching sound it actually causes me pain to hear it LOL…

So whats the deal with these bearings? i want to believe that i just got a couple bad ones, but im not sure i want to dump another 22 bucks for a bad bearing.

Anyone else have this issue?

havent tried the gold ct out yet. if your having serious problems contact yye. im not sure how you would clean a gold bearing but i would recommend some form of cleaning first off… maybe they just need broken in… IDK

Yup I’ve owned 2 they’re nice and smooth but make a horrible screech/whistle noise.

Disappointed as well.

Just get a nice flat bearing. Works just as good.

Mine is my most silent bearing. I’d contact yyf

First thing I do with any new yoyo or bearing is add thin lube.

I haven’t cleaned a bearing in years cause there is no need to.

Clean it in acetone. If that doesn’t work contact YYE or YYF.

Is it the one I put in your Catch 22?

…Because I have four more from the same batch. And they play amazingly well.

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sure is. I love it!

No experience with the gold CT but I hustled myself into buying a regular gold bearing years ago. Played great but I’d say “screeching eagle” just about describes it perfectly

If you used any harse chemicals to clean the bearing that is why. It is gold plated any the only cleaning it needs is blowing it with compressed air.

I own several, and they are great bearings.

Just clean them in some acetone, and they should be fine. Make sure you de-shield them first.

DO NOT lube them though, they are not to be lubed like a regular bearing. Run them dry after you clean them and I’m sure you will love them.

Good Luck

Ive heard that cleaning a gold bearing causes the gold to come off but I could be wrong

Hey can I buy one then?

No i have done absolutely nothing to either of the bearings except take it out of the black bags they came in and put them in my yoyos.

my friend gold ct is smooth and quiet