its go skateboarding day

does any one skateboard and throw???

i did i miss those sk8boarding dayssssssssss :frowning: :frowning:

I skate and I was wondering the same thing

I still push a board around from time to time, but I’m not are hardcore as I used to be since I busted up both of my ankles.

…and now, the man that every street skater should thank for 90% of the tricks out there

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yea rodney mullen is a great skater skateboarding would be nothing without him

so where do u all live


goes skateboarding

I wish I could go! I’m waiting for my back to heal.

Just got a Mystery board and an old school Rob Roskopp deck!

A buddy and I were up all last night playing Skate 2 and watching old skate videos!

I skate and Throw !


Puts in tony hawks underground into gamecube

I’ve unofficially quit skating. Mostly since my ankles can’t handle it and I hate the community. Most kids (or adults) who skate fall into one of the fallowing catagories:






My two cents.

Exhausted, but had a great time skating for the first time in a year…and yes, I had my throw w/ me :wink:

pekka…!!! dam I miss that dude…!

I thrash bowls and pipes with either my Hosoi deck or my short nose Sector 9 shaka deck.

Sadly I havnt skated in like a year… no time…

Oh, I also used to freestyle flatland skate.

Feeling better. Ordered some rails for my Roskopp. Getting close…