It's finally here and I suck with it..


After the longest wait of my life, my DarkMagic finally comes in the mail while I’m not home. Luckily someone was able to sign for it. I’m just now getting home, which is officially tomorrow; Eastern, only to see I can’t bind it. DARN IT ALL TO HECK… I though I got it down as far as binding goes, but apparently I’m doing something wrong… Also, it looks alot smaller than I thought it’d be. Expected it to be huge as far as 70ish grams went. Wanna help me not fail at binding? The video from the ‘Learn’ section isn’t slow enough apparently…

(Mitch) #2

Try these… Now slow-mo but good…

I find for most hybrid yoyos a backside bind works best…

The problem my friend had with his binds was that he pinched the string and tryed to swing the yoyo up into a front mount… Make sure you kind of just slide down the string… Its hard to explain but you slide your finger down the string and the yoyo just kind of pops up into the front mount… The just kinda swing the loop down into the gap…

Good luck!


Nice vid.  I’ll try that now.  The thing I missed was pulling the loop past the yoyo finger string.  Didn’t see that noted before.  -Tries now.-


Le gasp, after awhile, it finally worked. This yoyo is VERY unresponsive; out of box. I think I’ll keep at it, so I can do it as fluid as the pros do. Thanks man.


if its not grabbing the string try threading a bigger loop into the gap


Ah, alright. Thanks. Can do the side mount pretty easy, but trying to get used to front ones.


Eh, back to square one. Alright… I can bind… I just noticed my yoyo is extra unresponsive… In the ‘Learn’ section I looked at the ‘bind video’, and I guess my yoyo would fall under the ‘double bind’ need, but a single would be nice… Anyone can help with that? I want to do it by tightening, so I’d just screw it tighter to make it more responsive?

And no, I don’t have any thick lube -yet-, and not sure I want to use vaseline since that may make it too responsive… What should I do? Lmao. Thanks in advance.

(ThRoW-b0t) #8

no matter how unresponsive a yoyo is, what always seems to work for me is by pinching the string and just lowering it nice and slow into the yoyo.


Thanks. That works a bit better. I think my issue mainly was that I’m not used to tugging up with my yoyo hand at the same time of looping the string into the axel. How every looks in their videos, it seems like lowering the string shoots it into your hand, but I have to tug on the string too with all its unresponsiveness. Haha.


Yeah, use a bigger loop and don’t move your throwhand very much at all. When you get the bind, it’ll come up automatically.

Also, what he was talking about with pinching the string is called a fake bind. Not sure why it’s “fake” but here’s a good video (I think) for it. It’s kind of slow-mo, not sure why though.

(Mitch) #11

Is your Dark Magic Tightened all the way… I play mine stock and its tug responsive when I tighten it but dead when I have it loosened

(JayVee) #12

Are you doing a backspin bind? Those should get the yo-yo back to your hand easily.


Sorry I haven’t been posting. Was sleeping, and I think it’s tightened all the way. Didn’t want to strip it, though I know you can tighten this type of yoyo more than normal. And I’m trying to do the one when you sleep then swing the yoyo forward, then up and back onto the string.

For me though, I have to tug on it… When I hear it starting to snag, nothing really happens… I don’t know… Maybe it’s too unresponsive, or not tightened enough, but it feels like it is.