Its easy to get caught up...

In the online world of our yoyo “fandom” as I like to call it.

Often times, when we spend much time online, we get caught up in the new products, the new trends in tricks, the “hype” etc. And in that, we often lose the “soul” and essence of our yoyoing, and why we yoyo in the first place.

One of the most incredible experiences of my life was when I went to Yosemite for 2 weeks. There was no access to internet, so it was just me, nature, and a yoyo.

It really made me rethink my yoyoing and without random “hype” influences, I found a greater movement into my own style. While many of us might not be able to escape into the complete wilderness to throw and find ourselves, we can choose to get off of the internet for a while, and get away from the mainstream marketable yoyo world.

Try it sometimes, you may find it to be just what you need.




I agree. I love going out and bringing a throw with me. Especially when I go camping.

This is very true! I found not going online makes me practice more, but get less trading done! :stuck_out_tongue:
And at first I thought this was about drugs or something…

For me, i carry 6 throws in my handy yoyo bag.

its super stylish and matches my clothes well too!

wherever i got, mall, school, walking places, whatever.
im throwing at one point or another. i try to make up concepts and practicng my own things, rather than always following tutorials.
i like to watch tutorials to add elements to my tricks, and making something,
so simple, look flashy and complex.

Its quite nice to be out and about with a yoyo, music, and your imagination

Huge fan of everything you said, and Yosemite!

I filmed a little there with Jason Lee last year (its in this video)