Get out sometime

Something I thought I would post.

For many of us, we find that the yoyo is a great pastime and we enjoy getting up and away from the computer and throwing a bit.

Most of the time, we find ourselves throwing in our room, the living room, on occasion the backyard or downtown while waiting for the bus.

But how many of you have ever taken your yoyo out into the actual wilderness and threw for a while?

One of the most unique experiences I ever had was when I took a trip to Yosemite a few years ago. We stayed away from the tourist areas and ended up living up in one of the hills totally away from everything. No other cars, people, internet or cell phone signal, just us, and the wild world.

I remember waking up early in the morning and taking a walk to overlook the scenery of the Yosemite Valley. I got to see the sunrise, hear the creatures of the world coming to life, and then I tried yoyoing. This was an amazing moment for me.

It was just me and the yoyo as an extension of my being, and nothing but the pure spirit of nature joining in. It created a unique harmony as the two spirits danced among each other creating a gateway for new revelations and beckoning forth new creation. Theres something very healing about being out totally away from everything, breathing in nature at its best and doing what moves your being through motions and creation. I found that week of staying in this place to be a very rewarding experience for me. I figured out many new concepts, and yoyoing felt much more “natural” somehow to me.

I hope to go back to that place and throw again. In the morning rise of the sun, I found peace and the ability to create freely. And in the chilling light of the moon joining in song with the song of the stars and night sky, I found a state of tranquility that resulted in a natural flow of such that I could not do here in my own everyday life.

If you get the chance to get away, get out, and not just your backyard, get away from EVERYTHING, and freely relax, let the cares of the world fall away, and become one with nature combining with your own being and natural movements and flow of yoyoing, you will find some very amazing experiences coming your way.

I encourage all to give this a try, you may find the inspiration you always wanted.



Wow that sounds amazing.

I’ve always seen people in videos throwing in the woods. I think it looks awesome and I really want to go out and do that sometime.

What I’ve already planned to do tomorrow ;D and swim and a picnic!

I actually enjoy doing this. Goin out to the woods and throwing, and just enjoying the scenery.

I find as long as I’m relaxed and comfortable, the rest doesn’t really matter. However, sometimes a change of scenery is nice. I prefer the concept of yoyo meets. The yoyo is an idea social hobby. It’s fine solo, bit in groups it’s better.

For me though, again, as long as I’m relaxed and comfortable, that’s sufficient. With a wife and kids, it’s hard to find time to get out. If I’m not OUT at a gig, I’m inside doing something, or I have somewhere I need to be.

When I need inspiration, there’s the videos, meets and other similar things.

You know I think it would be cool to have a yoyo meet in the middle of the woods on a camping trip. Best of both worlds. But I have yoyo’d to the sunrise with nature and their is just something about it that is unexplainable. Peaceful. A connection. I totally get were your comming from, just hard to do that all the time.

I yoyoed on my camping trip.

It was fun.

I actually found a bridge to cross a river and then a hut! It was really cool :slight_smile:

Whoooh! Now that’s some hippy talk!

Whats that smell? ::slight_smile:

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I do this all the time. I love it.

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Very nice. Great post!