Sounds of nature, and it's effects on yoyoing.

Bark! Hewo!

Gonna make this simple, and sweet.

Some of you may remember my story of a time a while back, where I got to spend almost a month out in yosemite, far from any internet connection, phone, television, roads, and cars. I was out literally among the forest of trees, with wildlife all around (Had an interesting encounter with a coyote, which left me a bit sad. Saw it, I froze, it froze, I wanted to hug it, it apparently didn’t want a hug, etc.) and beautiful streams and sounds. It ended up being one of the best months in my life, as I found a deep connection with nature in my spirit, and by channeling that through myself, I was able to bring out the spirits of nature through my physical being and into the spirit of the yoyo I was throwing (which was a hitman original for the most part.)

One of the greatest things that I found though during this time, was that the natural sounds of the earth seemed to have a great effect on how I threw. I believe that as beings of the earth, we all have a deep spiritual connection with it, and it’s only natural that when we connect to our earth, we reach a hightened sense of flow and freedom. I would close my eyes and stay still, and focus on the sounds around me. The light rustle of the wind as it blew through the leaves of the trees all around me. The soft chirps of the nearby birds, the light trickling of water from a nearby stream, and if you still yourself just enough, one could even hear the sound, hardly there, light as a feather on the wind, of the sun hitting the earth below. It was a very special time. Once in tune with these sounds, I found that I would yoyo “to the beat of nature”. We all are used to yoyoing to the beat of music styles, but the earth has its own natural beat as well, it just takes some time to recognize it.
And something magical happens when you yoyo to the beat of the earth, for as we are beings on the earth, and we tune in to what the earth is saying, we can use our own beings to communicate and interpret what the earth is saying through our movements, and it is only when we find ourselves following earths natural heartbeat, that we find that this can happen.

My advice? Take some time to try this out. Get away, and don’t just start yoyoing, spend some time listening to your surroundings, get in touch with earth and nature, and then throw, you may find something very special happening.

While its not the same thing, I also feel I can get into this mode when I listen to nature tracks and soft nature sound meditation tracks via headphones. Not anything like the real thing, but it sure helps.

Give it shot, If anything, it will greatly relax you, and you will feel more freedom as you allow the earth to take away every tense care you have, and you are only left with you, nature, and a yoyo through which you dance.



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good points, but they would apply to anything, not just jojos.

It’s definitely good to get away sometimes.

Haru, why don’t you just start a “HaruRay’s thread of wisdom” or something? These threads are popping up all the time now…

yes that would great idea also he should write a book as well.

Josh, just the thought of you being deep in the forest makes me happy.

Don’t forget the Soy Sauce or your Costume.


yoyodoc, take your negativity elsewhere –mrcnja[/b]

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I was in Hue, Vietnam. Unfortunately, the sounds of nature mostly included Vietnamese people arguing with each other. At least the honking traffic going by as considerably less than in Saigon.

The nights were black due to the lack of street lighting in Hue. I forget the little glow spots on my Rolex as I don’t think I had seen those glow since the last time I was in Hue.

There were hardly any animal sounds. The house next door had geese, ducks and dogs, and another nearby house at chickens.

As an audio engineer, I spend a LOT of time using my ears to do my job. Unfortunately, I have to be analytical and critical, as well as fast and efficient.

These days, all I really ask for is it to be relatively quiet when I sleep. A sister in law apparently can’t stand silence and thrives in a noise-based environment and is imposing this upon her all very young children. My immediate family makes way more noise than I would prefer. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time wearing earplugs!

I’m all for nature. Hopefully mankind doesn’t cement it over and put a roof over all of it and let’s some areas just be.

Are you kidding me? Was that really necessary? Josh did absolutely nothing in this thread to you, not a single negative thing towards anyone, a simple post promoting positivity and you come on here talking like a child. If it wasn’t for Josh, we wouldn’t have a LOT of things in this community, the tips, tutorials, tricks, wisdom, etc., I’m sure you’ve even learned a lot from him. How would you feel if I said that I wish your clothes got stuck in your lathe tearing you into pieces? I wouldn’t because I’m not like that and there’s no reason for me to, so don’t worry, so I don’t know why you’re saying that to him. You sir should take a break from these forums and wait until you learn to speak more maturely to come back.

i thanked mo’s post because i thought it was ridiculous and [caustically] funny given josh’s serious subject matter. i’ve clarified that with josh and apologized, but i thought it’d be worth noting that i do not actually hope he is eaten by anything. i definitely agree that josh cares a lot about yo-yoing, and has gone out of his way to bring people into the community.

also, pretty much all my best yo-yoing is done in the woods.