Creative Yo-yoing State of Mind? How do you get into it?

So for me, I usually go outside alone on the grass so my string is super visible. I prefer the weather being nice and fresh, a little windy. I also plug into my wireless headphones on Spotifi as I listen to the Genre “Folk Americana.” This all gets me into my creative yo-yoing state. And from there the magic begins.

How about you guys? I’m curious to try some other ways!

Well, first i climb to the top of the walabango mountains with my yoyo sensi. We then have a meditation session for 45 minutes to an hour. After i warm up me and my sensi a cup of green tea with exactly one tea spoon of honey and one table spoon of coconut sugar. We then make amends to the yoyo gods and read three chapters (at least) of the new yoyo testament. After all is done and only after we can then begin to develop our own tricks. If i ever mess up or disobey my sensi gives me three lashes across the cheeks.

In all seriousness though, i sometimes watch some videos of some innovative players for inspiration. I also try to have an idea of what im going to try to make. Some times though i just get the yoyo in weird mounts and try to do different things. I know its kinda vague but thats really the only guidelines i have for myself :slight_smile:

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Haha that made me lol. Nice man, same with the weird mounts, I’ve that a lot too!

An amazing song usually really helps :slight_smile:

For example after watching that one Yo-Yo video about the 10k hours one song always associates with Yo-Yo’s and makes me ultra pumped for yoyoing. Be it with tricks I know, never knew exist and anything in between :smiley:

(The video
(The song
(Hope I don’t get banned for links. Not sure if their allowed o.O)

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I likiey :slight_smile:


Yeah music definitely is a factor in me too!

Watch Riccardo and yoyo just before it gets dark outside, so my neon yellow string glows. Good chill music helps too.

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I need me some neon strings.

I don’t it kinda just happens.

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Nujabes. That’s all I need


YESSSSSSSS :slight_smile:

Nujabes for ever d00d

Yuuki baby, dude blows my mind. Not sure if he knows it or not (probably does) but he invented some amazing fundamentals. Watch him, and Augie, Charles, Matsuura, Mickey, and then to help with my training wheels not getting stuck in pot holes, I turn to MrMatio on YouTube who breaks down combos and I’ll take like 1 or 2 things from those and throw it in with the others I mentioned.


Nice nice every body!