It's been almost three months...

(Waylon) #1

Since I’ve used tobacco of any kind in any way. Thanks for helping me make that happen :slight_smile:


Way to go! Are you enjoying the trigger?


Nice job man! I’m proud of you!

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Good for you! Now you are healthier and happier with that Yoyo!

(Owen) #5

So you have 3 triggers now?


(Waylon) #6

Thanks, guys :slight_smile:

I still just have the one Trigger, and I like it very much. However, it did kick off what’s becoming a YYJ obsession. I now have several YYJs. I had no idea what I was missing.


Good job.


Nice job! Keep it up! ;D


I’m confused by this thread.


No, you are confusing.


Congrats. Now that you’re off it, you have more money to invest into yoyos

(Waylon) #12