It's been a long time

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Hello everyone… again.

It’s been a long time since i’ve picked up a yo-yo, and would really like to get back into the old habit of making holes in jeans. I’ve lurked aroung for a week or so, and I need help, i have no idea what throw to get. I tried the pre-pro battosai, and it felt lovely, but my favorite throw was the DNA. My first unresponsive was a wooly marmot, and it was great, then the DNA. My beater, and it still worked perfectlyafter an experiment(throwing it off a three story hotel onto cement). So something with that durability would be nice. I also had a galactic goose, you know, two of the best companies, but it wasn’t my cup of tea, and the addiction 2 wasn’t that good for me either. The battosai is a bit light, and unstable for me with a weird gap. My budget is up to ~$150 i guess, any more and i’ll be a bit skeptical.

In some sort of conclusion, what should be the best throw for me inbetween an Oxy 5 and the DNA?

As always, have a nice day.

Edit: Apparantly I had a bassalope too. Since it don’t remember it too well, it must have been okay. Oh yeah, and I have no idea where to put this, sorry if it’s wrong.


If the DNA still works, why change it? Or get another DNA. I like the heavier Mutant DNA.

Other options are based on pricing. Do you have a budget?

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Yeah, i sold everything for college, but as of now the budget is anything, and i’m pretty happy about that. Well, not the crazt ~$500 titaniums


You could get a 3YO3 Ti5 for around $350–worth every penny. I know where they are still being sold if you want to know.

As for cheaper options, One Drop’s where it’s at. Try a Code 2. It’s spectacular.

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The ti5 is actually what my friend has that first got me in to yo-yoing, and got me to change my mind about it now, and it just feels weird. I think it may be too light, and the gap is staggered… weirdly, and it’s pretty expensive.


It’s titanium, it’s gonna be expensive. I love mine. I like heavy, this ain’t heavy, but it’s got the weight in the right places so it’s got tons of power to spare. I love every cent I gave for this with no regrets.

I also recommend One Drop and CLYW. Get the new Avalanche or a Code 2. If budget is an issue(I know, money is no object), the Burnside. If you can, a Chief or an Actic Circle. Yes, they are worth it.

The sold out YYF Equalateral is like a stretched DNA with a few other tweaks. At $110, it’s a beast.

The GSquared products, The Albatross and Nessie are amazing and affordable. The Square Wheels Royale is also a great player.

Dropping down the budget, RecRev needs you to seriously look at them. The C3 Capless(a must have for me soon), DiBase and Halo are items to also strongly consider. There are some amazingly priced killer throws out there. You don’t have to break the bank to get a fantastic yoyo!

I’ve got so much stuff from $10 to $350, and so many of them are just amazing players. From plastic to metal, there’s no way to go wrong.


It first got you into yoyoing? It came out pretty recently, you can’t have been yoyoing long then.

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Sorry, i meant he was the one who first showed me the strings, and then revived my interest with the ti5.

(SR) #9

Code 2


If you liked the DNA, the 888x is literally a smaller version of the DNA. Also, I love the TenYoYo Drop Bear. It is my favorite yoyo of all time :wink: You can’t go wrong with anything by TenYoYo.