ISO new undersized throw

I’ve been throwing my yuuksta for a while and really like the feel of the play but unfortunately it hit the ground recently and is doing a great job slicing my hand on the way back. This has opened a new door so I am searching for a yoyo with similar features, but might be a step up. I am not exclusive to YYF but i am looking for something undersized. Thanks.

Well, whilehand you are choosing a new yoyo you don’t want to recycle it. Simply buy some sand paper, got mine for under a dollar for 2 sheets, and start satining the edges where it hurts you.

And if you don’t have a lathe considering you don’t, you can use a drill or by hand. Drill may be more precise, but my hand satined Raptor is even better than before.

Good Luck. (Sorry, I was totally off topic, just didn’t want your Yuuksta wasted).

yeah, just sand down where it’s sharp. I hand sand it, because I don’t really need to satin the whole rim. I think like 100-200 grit should be fine.

And what’s your price range for a new throw? because spyy, clyw, one drop, and a bunch of other companies make great undersized throws.

By no means will i be wasting my Yuuksta, it’ll remain my out on the town thrown, I am just looking for something different. I am looking to drop around $100 so high end is fine. I’ve been considering the solaris or holding out for the new One Drop undersize to come out

Some of the best undersized I’ve bought so far have been the Hspin Pyro 3 followed by the Spyy Supra and the String Theory Quark (which was at 100 bucks not too long ago on YYE). Going down from there, the YYF Chaotic. I’ve not tried the y factor yet, but I’ve heard some good things.

Good Luck