Any advice?

Hi, first off I would like to thank you for giving me your time to read this thread. Well, my friends and I have this “club” and our 2 month order is coming up(we get anything we need and share them). Some of us have started 2a and wanted to get some 2a throws. Any advice on what we should get?

I have another question, I have been looking for a yoyo that I can let others use and I won’t die a little every time it hits the floor! I also wanted to start 5a, so I want a throw that fits these purposes. Preferences: undersized, smooth, little to no vibe, solid, and under $76.

Thanks again for reading this!

starlites, any star, any plastic that isnt delrin

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For looping, yyj unleashed or yyf loop 900 are good. As for the undersized cheap yoyo, dv888 is a really good beater yoyo. I would suggest a yuuksta but i love mine so much i would never let others ding it

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I agree with swatnoodle, For 2A loop 900 or unleashed, 5a yuuksta or protostar. and the one that make you die is a plastic (I think) like duncan freehand zero.

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Yes. 2A would be Unleashed or Loop 720 would do great.

For 5A, Protostar is always a great choice. Or the “Stars”.

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Thanks to all of you! I’ve decided to go with the yuuksta and the unleashed.