Is your yo-yo part of your outfit?

Hello, hello

I was wondering if you guys consider your yo-yo part of your outfit. I know many of you carry around your throws on your belt loop, just like myself. The thing is, I always grab a yo-yo that matches the color of my outfit considering I always use colorful shirts or pants. Do you guys do this?

For example, when I wear a green sweatshirt, I bring my hulk smash avalanche. When I wear blue, I bring my 28 stories avalanche. When I wear yellow, I bring my Mullicabob coated Bassalope, ect ect.

Just bringing a new thread to discuss about here on the forums.

I always try to pick strings that contrast with my shirt just in case I stumble across a good spot and randomly decide to film a few tricks.


I don’t “always” do this (when I’m in the mood for a particular yoyo, nothing will stop me!) but I have to admit, I do it pretty frequently.

When all else fails, my “Snow Drift” Smooth Move goes with almost anything. :wink:

Yeah, I’m not ocd about it, I just really enjoy every yo-yo in my case. So picking a yo-yo for the day based on its color isn’t a big deal for me.

I don’t worry about color coordination. This year, the red DM2 goes on the holder on my belt loop. Until then, it’s been the blue one.

I do this a bit.
When I go out in my more goth/scene look, I often wear a leather holster with either my black element x or terrorhand.
When I go out as a femboi though, I usually use my blue yo-tail holder with my pink Onestar or pink classic.
When I just go out as a neutral everyday college student though, most of the time I don’t have a YoYo on me, but when I do, it’s usually a madhouse white tiger rad that I keep in my backpack.

^ ^

My 7 compartment yoyo bag
Matches my Femboi look pretty well :slight_smile:
It matches my retro
Side part hair too
And even just casual
So its all good :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can get a Bip Bop Summit or other Bip Bop CLYW to match the overspray vans I’ll be getting :slight_smile:

My back-pack is part of my outfit, and my yo-yos are part of my back pack… LOL

Yup… here’s where i keep my yoyo… i grab what i want to throw for the day. There’s no thought into if it matches or not.

Getting every color of the YYJ Speedmaker to coordinate with my shirt for the day does sound tempting. But the white on I already got pretty much goes with everything.

Definitely. Gotta keep fresh

Wow, I thought this was just a weird thing I did. After having so many colored yo-yo’s it turned into a habit like what color shoes to wear.

I often wear a black YYF holster with a black ONE. It’s perfect as part of the outfit. 8)

I usually like to wear darker shirts on days I feel like throwing in public/school(at least non-neon). But I really like yoyo’s that really contrast with colors of my shirts.

Mine is kind of part of my outfit in that I usually wear carpenters pants that has at least one small pocket that fits a yoyo perfactly.

I don’t care too much for what color my yoyo is. It’s hidden away in my pockets usually, but I do make sure that string color contrasts with the throw. I always buy blue throws, so I always gotta get yellow/orange string.

Blue throws (especially mid-to-dark blue) are perfect candidates for hot pink string. You don’t know what you’re missing!

Next paycheck I’ll get my hands on some hot pink string!

I don’t know if anyone else feels this, but does Yellow Kitty string just play and feel better than any other color? (Especially blue)

I have to admit, that I prefer things match. I usually wear gold accessories, so my usual carry is a black/gold DMII. A black/gold yo-yo with a black string matches any outfit possible. Black goes with everything and the gold matches my jewelry, so with that, I’m set and dressed to impress… :-\