Is this normal?

Is this normal? I can hardly do rewind but find gyroscopic flop easy.

That’s perfectly normal. Some people find some tricks easier than others. Just because someone struggles with “Expert” level tricks, it does not mean that they cannot do “Master” level tricks at their current level.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s normal, but nor would i say it’s abnormal. People learn differant things at differant speeds. The levels andre put up are just guidlines. If you are really struggling with a trick, don’t be afraid to skip it. Noone really does them in perfect order. So their hardly is a “normal”.

I get what your feeling. I have a whole lot of truoble with rewind yet know most of the tricks up to Dr Strange

Yeah I have trouble with Kwijibo but can do Thriller just fine.

I can’t do kwijibo, boing-boing or even rewind. But I can do teh hour glass. =)

If you don’t mind me saying, what i find strange is that you can do hook, and not slack trapeze.

I find hook easy. I just stick my finger out and spin my throwhand and i land it more than 50%. Its not that hard. Slack tapeze you need a little skill. Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing that gets me about Rewind, is I’m so used to the string finding it’s own way around my fingers, like McBride Rollercoaster does, and in Rewind, I haven’t gotten to where I feel comfortable readjusting the strings so they don’t cross up.

I KNOW! with mcbride roller coaster i hardly have to look at it but with rewing i miss a 'lil and it starts tilting.

some type of tricks some people struggle in and others excell this happens all the time

i cant do jamacan flag but i can do ladder escape… jk

same here!

I find yuuki slack pretty easy but I still can’t do a iron whip unless it’s from a jade whip