tricks vs combos

Alright I’m fairly new to yoyoing yet I found myself being able to easily do some of the tricks (with some complications at first but being able to get them down). With that being said I found something even more difficult than things like kwijibo and Dr. Strange. I’ve noticed that even though I can do Kwijibo pretty much every time I throw the yoyo down, I can’t really do much of anything after or before hand. Like I think tricks like rewind are harder for me because in my head i picture it as several tricks (a combo if you will) instead of one long-ish trick. Has anyone else had/have this problem?

Any helpful tips would be nice or just posts acknowledging my existence would also bright my day a little bit.

i think as you play, your brain naturally begins to draw little pathways between tricks. every trick starts to feel like it’s composed of individual moves that just happen to go well together (which is, of course, the case). some things just feel good next to each other. then the hard part is fighting yourself NOT to mindlessly do the same thing over and over. a trick like rewind (or kwyijbo - or almost anything) COULD be described as many tricks. over time, you’ll find you paste little transition moves or other tricks before and after. ideally, your brain won’t recognize each string hit as a separate 'trick" (like a spike on a line graph); it’ll just seamlessly connect all of the things you intend to do with the throw.

‘yo-yoing’ is really just one trick.

You’re a genius. No really. That sums up exactly what all yo-yoers should come to the understanding of.

woah, woah, woah… you JUST realized that?! haha, jk

love ya’ ed :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more of a “I didn’t know how to say it” thing.