Is this normal or am I doing something wrong


So usually when I bind it goes fine. No snags, no knots or anything. But when I try doing sidestyle, I more often than not get a snag or a knot. My question is this, is it easier to get a knot/snag when binding sidestyle, or am I just doing something wrong?



I find I often get more snags doing a bind side style. HOWEVER, this is a “I need to do things better” issue, not a “It’s the nature of the beast” kind of thing. ALSO, it depends how you bind. I find if I bind from a trapeze(as Andre shows), I get more snags. If I bind from an undermount, I have fewer problems.

If you’re getting a knot, you have a bigger problem that you need to investigate. But if you’re getting snags, you just need to clean up your technique, which will come through practice. If you’re asking these kinds of questions, you’re obviously practicing a a lot and will soon work out these issues.

Wait until you get into Green Triangles. You’re gonna be cursing like a sailor at the knots you’re gonna get at first!


Yeah, I have done a couple of green triangles before and I can never dismount them properly, so they end up knotting like crazy. And I am not binding from a trapeze. I do it from an under mount, I think.


If you’re in a trapeze, and then you flip the yoyo off the trapeze and then the yoyo comes UNDER the string, that’s the under-mount.

You just need more practice. You’re doing fine. All your issues will decrease the more you practice.


I always get cleaner binds when I DONT cross the string. I just get into an under mount, slightly rotate my body so it feels like a basic front mount (but spinning backwards), pinch and drop straight down.


If you’re binding the same way as frontstyle when throwing sidestyle, yes, you’ll get more snags. If you throw the loop in the direction that the yoyo is spinning, it tends to snag more. If you throw the loop in the opposite direction that the yoyo is spinning, then it’ll be fine. when throwing sidestyle, you have to change your bind from an under mount to a bottom mount.


what is the diff?


What do you mean? The difference between the two types is one is nice and smooth, the other snags. For example, bind frontstyle by throwing the loop towards you. Smooth, right? No snags? Well, now instead of making a loop and throwing it towards you, make a loop the other way by bringing the yoyo towards you then landing it in the back of the string. Then throw the loop forward. This bind should snag and catch more frequently and overall be a worse bind in comparison to the original one.


I usually take my throw hand and lace the string around the yoyo from underneath when pinching the string with my NTH and I’m sort of in a brother mount and then I just bind. I’ve never gotten a knot or snag


For cleaner binds, I find that it helps to use the least amount of string possible.


The best way to do a bind is to make a loop “in front” of the yoyo. What i mean by that is:
If you throw a normal front throw sleeper (like the way you throw it if you’re going to do a split the atom), the yoyo spins “away” from you. If it’d touch the ground it would shoot away forwards. Right?
So then you make the loop in front of the direction the yoyo’s spinning. As with the regular front throw, that is a loop on the face of the yoyo not pointing against you.
As for a breakaway, the yoyo spins “backwards”. So then you’ll need to put the loop on the face of the yoyo against you.

Front throw + Trapeze = Bind
Breakaway + Trapeze = Crap bind


I get more snags when I bind from a side-style bind than a front style bind. I find maintaining proper string tension really helps solve MOST of this problem. The rest of the time, it’s me being sloppy. Either way, this doesn’t happen to me a ton. It does happen often but nothing unreasonable. I don’t really worry about it.

Keep at it, you’ll overcome this. The more you practice, the more you’ll improve.