is this how all your green string looks?


So im subbed to stripped axle on YouTube. And it showed that he liked this one yoyo video, so I watched it. The string he used was like awesome looking, it was like really neon and bright and stuff (vid at bottom). I haven’t tried any other strings than Chico yoyo co strings, and of course the string that comes with yyf throws, so I was wondering if Chico string does a worse job than other companies, or if that’s what your used to in strings.


It just shows up really well in the video because he has a black shirt. The more contrast they better youll be able to see it.


Yep, just the shirt.


I just now realized if your wore all white a black string would be seen easily :slight_smile:


it may also be to do with the fact that the human eye is slightly more sensitive to the green part of the spectrum, this is the reason green lasers are so popular these days, for the same power in mW it’s more easily visible.


Yep! Also why the various military groups around the world are switching over to green dot optics, especially for daytime use.


I have found that green strings, especially those advertised as “neon green” seem to show up especially well on camera. They seem to contrast or clash against nearly anything. Our eyes are most sensitive to green, so on top of that, the green doesn’t flare as much as some other brighter colors. YYE’s neon green and yellow, YYSL Type X in green and yellow and Twisted Strings Trixtra in green and yellow all seem to show up really good on camera. I would imagine other brands would have the same properties.

I also find pink works pretty good a lot of the time unless the background is also rather bright. Yellow can have the same issue.

Fortunately, most brands make stuff in a green. Green normally isn’t a favorite color of mine, but when it comes to yoyo strings, it’s one of my preferable choices.

However, you don’t want to do white on black or black on white. The contrast is just too high. If you are going to do that, you’ll want to knock down the lighting a bit so it won’t be so bad.


Maybe it is the same reason that tennis balls are the color that they are?


Some softballs are also green.


Case in point ^

Also, the guy in the main video is using natual daylight, which makes the string show up a lot more. If you’ve been throwing inside for a while and then you go outside on a slightly overcast day, you’ll realise how much your string pops out under natural light. =)


Tennis balls are neon yellow, not green.

(kclejeune) #12

Neon yellow is often mistaken as green. Especially with yoyo string… It doesn’t look so much yellow as a yellow green…


Tennis balls were originally aimed to be optic yellow but really, is actually a shade of green.


Well first of all, thanks for the sub. ;D

But yeah, a good part of the string showing up so well is the contrast against the black shirt. Also, like Gambit said, natural sunlight on string, especially a fresh string that was just put on, really makes the string pop.


Actually that is not quite correct. The USTA specifically states in their Use for Play Specifications’ that only white and fluorescent yellow are allowed. Technically, the balls have to meet the color standard designated as Optic Yellow. Batches now and again, come up kinda funny green-ish, but if you ever go to a Tennis Match, you will ‘only see’ very bright fluorescent yellow balls in play. All Major Tennis ball Makers are very exacting in producing the USTA color specifications.

That being said, at public Tennis courts, especially asphalt, where there is a tendency to not change out balls as rapidly as Tournament play, the dirt film that builds on the ball, knocks down the fluorescent value. The result being the soiled Tennis balls ‘lose some light’, so the more dull reflection causes the eye to perceive a color value somewhat closer to green. < It does not really change to green, but the loss in brightness makes it appear less yellow.