String Video Questions

What is that neon lime green string that i always see everyone use in their yoyo videos?

1: It’s very bright and stands out against most backgrounds.

2: Our eyes are rather sensitive to greens, so it helps there too.

That’s why. Other colors depend on the background and shirt and other stuff like that will determine how well they work.

Are you asking “what” that string is, or “why” it’s used?

Studio explained why. The string itself could be lots of different brands I guess, but the most common is probably just the regular old 100% poly string you can get from the shop here.

Neon yellow often looks greenish on video.

It’s just the green polyester string you can find at any yo-yo store (I recommend this place. The string lasts so long!) It can also be the neon string by yoyofactory which you could find here as well.

Its likely the yellow jacket string or 100% yye green neon or yellow neon.