Is this flowable silicon?

I asked my dad if we had any flowable silicon, and he gave this to me and said this might work

No, it’s not flowable. It will work. You just have to scrape off any excess and smooth it out. The edge of a plastic spoon works well.

So this will not mess up my response? Is it as good as flowable silicon or shoul i head out and buy flowable silicon?

it won’t but imo, i prefer rtv but just about any silicone works fine

That will work but it’s super messy. Flowable silicone is in a small tube. and has a little tip to screw on teh end so its easier to work with.

Permatex is the Brand I use. usually says windshield & Glass Sealer. and it will Plainly state Flowable silicone.

I think RTV lasts longer. It’s nice to work more with the RTV rather than the flowable resolving itself. :smiley: