Is this a tue statement?


The madhouse epic is the only yoyo from the “more brands” section of the shop that was made for/comes with stacks. (spinning side caps)


No the timcor star fire also has them, but it is out of stock. The Duncan Momentum also has stacks.



Not Duncan :slight_smile:


Shinwoo has some.


Do u know the names


I was just pointing out just in case you didn’t notice.


Werrd tfl, pacquiao, werrd beef, werrd 4xl, and the werrd split decision can take hubstacks.




Ok… So which ones?


Aoda has some. The PXY, Sunshine, and a couple more.

Magic Yo-yo as well. Theirs are the Dark Angel, T10, and one other I believe.

Both brands are incredible cheap as well. No more than 15 bucks for a yo-yo. Just picked up 3 in fact for $20.


Not to sound rude but those brands aren’t on yoyo expert. Nobody has actually answered the question yet


I answered the question… Werrd is sold here…

(Jei Cheetah) #13

You are sounding a bit rude.
Might be careful, makes some not want to answer your question.

And yes, the werrd yoyo’s mentioned do take stacks / jimmy hats, as they are called.