Is there a way to mod a yoyo such as the yoyo will not get scratched at all?

Maybe you can add rubber rims. i dunno. Please reply

Umm… Im not sure… But why are you worried about scratches… It shows the yoyo’s well played… (and loved)

But Im not sure how you could go about adding rubber rims and if you did you could mess up the yoyo’s weight distribution and get a vibe or wobble…

Well you’ll probably end up compromising play anyways.

Whilst I was racing RC cars, I used to spray the entire body of the car with spray on truck bed liner. This would probably make it very scratch resistant, but at the same time it would vibe and not feel good in your hand.

I guess if is has flat rims you could put Duck Tape on them (there will probably be a vibe though) .

But I would just try to be careful with it and enjoy it.

Sorry for the thread jack, but, what class did you race in, I used to run stock buggy with my rc10b4

Nice! I ran in the 4WD Open Class with a Losi 8ight

maybe scotchgaurd ???

build a force field

I agree with JG, I think that’s the best answer by far ;D

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um rubber bands? idk never tried. when i look at the scratches it just tells me i need to improve i like scratches

scratches are almost impossible to avoid everybodyg et them and so will you.
scaratches are unnoticable during play unless it’s HUGE.
scratches don’t affect play when it’s not that bad. i have several scratches but it just shows that i play with it a lot(or that i’m horrible with it lol)

Don’t play over hard surfaces. Easy enough.

I get scratches from my wedding ring. I think you should worry about play. If it was a corvette then I would worry but its just a toy.