Is there a way to make this less dangerous?

A knot caught my Mini Motu as I was throwing a breakaway and slammed it into my face; blood went everywhere. That takes a lot to do with a blunt object. The heavy metal part flew across the room and the plastic part broke in half. There goes $30 and my peace of mind.

This stuff happens a lot; I suffered less injuries skateboarding than I do yoyoing. Could anyone give me tips to reduce further bloodshed?

Don’t throw so hard, learn to recognize when a bind could have knotted, don’t keep your face near the yoyo? I’ve never injured myself. Not sure how some of you have so many injuries. Breaking a yoyo on your face takes dedication and is certainly not the norm in this hobby…

Become a ninja … or just practice more

3/4 times that stuff happens I dodge it but occasionally I get nicked. This time was just a bad hit.

I have several bearings, and with my best bearing, it spins forever and I don’t have to really throw hard. The other ones require a hard throw to spin for very long. Maybe I should sell the bad ones off and keep buying new ones in hopes that I get another good bearing. I’m using BOSS RAGE bearings, is there a better type to get?

I think the Motu was prone to knots more than other yoyos. It was just barely responsive, some of the time; its gap was pretty small for a binding yoyo. Oh well, RIP Mini Motu.


This is funny and not tied into one. I have a semi serious elbow pain issue due to a bind that knotted… Next throw, BAM, right to the elbow, right on the “funny bone”. Three days later, happened again…

Now I make sure I’m good before I throw really hard.

You’re just lucky it was a cheap Yoyojam… If it was a full sized metal you’d have lost your head.

I found adjusting my breakaway technique helps a lot. Rather than throwing the yoyo out and to my right, I throw it down towards my left foot. It’s more of a dramatic horizontal motion than a sweeping loop, so if the yoyo does snag, the amount of forward momentum takes some of the power out of the swing so it doesn’t really make it far enough to hit my face. I’m not particularly advocating this technique, it’s just what works for me.

Also, lean back. If you throw a breakaway with your face in the flight path, you’re asking for trouble. Adjust your stance so that even if it does snag, you shouldn’t be in the way.

Busted knuckles are just a given really, not much you can do apart from use thinner string and watch your string wraps.

And finally, the #1 rule: Never put aside a knotted yoyo thinking you’ll unknot it later. You wont, and you will forget, and you will take a chunk out of your face.

Make sure you have clean binds too.

Off topic, but the Mini Motu was one of my favorite yoyos of all time.

You will learn to get the feel for when a bind is bad and when this happens, throw the yoyo front style as this is usually easier to control from hitting your face.

  1. NEVER leave a knot in your yoyo when you are done playing with it
  2. Learn to distinguish knotty binds from good binds…

You eventually learn to feel when your yoyo might have even the slightest snag.



Your throw isn’t strait. Lean to throw strait. If you have a strait throw, and you don’t notice a knot, it will just spin in a small circle in front of you. if it is coming back at you, you are throwing your break a way at an odd angle. If you choose to do that you will get hit by the yoyo sometimes.

I think this wins ^^ but yes as they said as you get experienced you will feel that snag wrapping up on the yoyo, whenever you feel this do a front style throw and make sure you don’t have a knot, but accidents like that are always going to happen unfortunately.


I guess you could say that bind was a bit… naughty

Keep practicing. Your probably trying to get too good too fast.

that’s one of the funniest things i’ve seen all day hahahahaha

How is that going to prevent him from getting injured?