Is the Yoyopalace Journey Special?

I have heard some good things about the yoyopalace Journey, but it doesn’t seem like many people talk about it.

It fits within my size preferences and looks like a very comfortable and usable shape.

The only thing that is holding me back is the price. I live in China so I can get two bimetals for the same price as the Journey. That being said, if the Journey’s unique bimetal design causes it to play really special, then I don’t want to miss out.

Here is my question then: Is the Journey just a good bimetal or is it something special?

If you can compare it to other bimetals you own it might help me make a decision.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Just a brief feedback: it’s awesome. But it has a more laid back character than other, usual competitive bi-metals. It’s very stable and predictable and an awesome edc throw. I compare it more to modern organics like MCMO, Batsquatch etc then I would to like Hummingbird etc.

Bottom line: if you want a straight competitive bi-metal, you might want to snag anything else, but if you’re looking for one of the best underrated all around throws, go ahead.

Hope, that helps a bit….

Maybe @yoyo-man92 Jaden can give you a bit more detailed feedback… :slight_smile:


Since I got it it’s EASY to see it sure IS something special!!! Nothing in my 70+ collection plays as POWERFUL and COMFORTABLE at the same time as The Journey!!!

The Journey has an unprecedented amount of power and easily AND gracefully handles ANYTHING and everything you throw it’s way , if I were to subcategories it I’d say it’s “Comfortable Competition” ,

I have carpal tunnel so I tend to gravitate away from sharp edge competition throws because I FEEL it the next day lol but the Journey DEFINITELY offers the play power of a competition Bimetal but with the comfort offered ONLY by organic throws!!

I’ve been playing My Journey alongside my MCMO on a daily basis and do NOT understand why this throw hasn’t got more hype !!!

This was actually my inItial assessment when asked what I thought -

“It’s like an old school town car , like those a old “Chevy-5th Avenues” it’s sturdy and powerful but glides through EVERYTHING you throw at it with ease and grace.

A TOTALLY different beast than the MCMO BUT in the same wheelhouse with the quality and comfort it provides!!!”


Nicely put, Dr. Throw :nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll echo the Sebastian and Jaden and opine that the Journey is an absolutely fantastic throw. Sebastian hit the nail on the head by describing it as a blend of comfort and performance. I have a few outer ring throws with slightly more power, but they don’t have the same agility, string feel and flow. I’m an unabashed power junkie, yet the Journey meets that craving and adds so many other wonderful attributes to the mix. I’ve owned almost 500 throws (including almost every modern bimetal), and the Journey is currently my absolute favorite throw.


I’m happy to hear that it is great! I think the reason it isn’t getting as much hype is because of its price. $130 is a little steep for a bimetal yoyo from a lesser known company.

From what people are saying though, I could see it having a similar following to something like the orca that was really expensive at first so it was left in stock everywhere until a small price drop convinced many to buy it and since then, it has been a highly sought after yoyo. If I remember correctly, the chief first run also took some time to gain traction because of its price.

It has been hard getting information on it because there are no reviews on it in English, and all of the Chinese reviews I have watched basically say that it doesn’t fit the Chinese style (fast, powerful, and good for horizontal) and that it is probably more suitable for the American market.

Price could have been an issue, although I don’t recall seeing that complaint, but what I do remember is some people being on the fence because of the size. Kinda hard to imagine today, but at the time some people thought it might be too big lol

I know that no one complained after buying it, but its price stopped people from buying it at first.

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Try looking up the Yoyopalace Answer, I think more people have bought that yoyo. The Journey looks to me to be an updated version of the Answer so I would expect it to play similarly.

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The Answer is excellent, but it plays completely different than the Journey.